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G-Prop Self Feathering Propeller

The blades of the G-Prop are turning automatically in a streamline position when sailing. So the drive shaft stops rotating and the brake resistance will be minimized. Because of the 180° rotation of the blades you have optimum advance forwards and reverse. The excellent reversing characteristics also mean faster and safer quayside manoeuvering.

It is also possible to set the reverse pitch different to the forward, allowing a fine settin to reduce 'prop walk' and increase pulling.

The G-Prop self feathering propeller distinguishes itself by easy, compact and reliable construction. Because of our short composition the propeller fits to nearly every problematic installation locations. The pitch of the propeller can be adjusted with a changeable control disk. With this absorption blade stop control disk the propeller can be attached to different boat and motor requirements. A dismounting of the propeller is not necessary. The changing of the control disk can also be done under water.

The purchase (shipments) parts package includes three control disks, which suit to your boat requirements. When changing the boat suitable control disks for the new boat can be ordered.

Our simple and effective construction and modern manufacturing technologies allows us to offer you the cheapest whole stainless steel self feathering propeller by far.

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